The Web Design Process

This is how your site will evolve into the finished product

Are you looking for a simple landing page, or do you need a multi-featured e-commerce site? Perhaps you are undecided and thinking of something in-between?

Whichever site you want to create, we will progress through a series of steps that cover all aspects of the web design process. In this way, we ensure the final site meets with your approval.

1. What are your expectations?

The first step is getting to know you, your business, your mission and what you want to achieve with the new site. If this is a redesign, we explore what worked on the old site and what didn’t. Then you tell me how you visualize your new website to look and feel.

We will also discuss your domain name, web hosting services and outline your budget.

2. Planning the user experience

We identify who your ideal audience is and what will appeal to them. What is their journey on the site? What do you want their user experience to be? Taking all this information into account, we decide on the site layout and the architecture of the site.

3. Creating the design elements

Here we choose the colours, fonts, images, content and animations. We will look at examples and mockups. We are aiming at site-wide conformity and consistency. Show me what you like and what you don’t, the images and logos you will use, and the style guidelines you have in mind. We will also discuss the type of content you want featured and how the focus will change over time.

4. Building the website

Now I will build the site from the bottom up, integrating the content, images, features and functionality into the final design. We will remain in contact throughout this process, and I will make sure to keep you in the loop.

5. Testing and feedback

This is where you get to test drive the site! There will be a little back-and-forth as I implement changes that fine-tune the site based on your feedback. When you are 100% happy the site has met your initial expectations, we can move onto the next step.

6. Launch and training

The new site is ready to be shown to the world and we go live!

Don’t worry. You will be given training on how to add content and make editorial changes. I would love to help you with monthly site maintenance, but you will also be given a tour of the back-end and shown how to do the basic site maintenance functions yourself.

Let’s get the process started. I’m looking forward to working with you!